ISVD Membership


Full Membership shall be limited to veterinarians with an interest in dermatopathology. Residents (or resident-equivalents, such a PhD fellows) in dermatology or pathology will have their membership fees waived during the residency period. Affiliate membership shall be open to all non-veterinarians who are interested in veterinary dermatopathology. Affiliate members shall not vote or hold office in the organization.

Requests for membership applications should be made to the Secretary, who shall serve as the chair of the Membership Committee. The secretary will then forward the official application blank to the prospective member; the application blank may also be downloaded from the website. The completed application is sent to the Treasurer via mail, FAX, or electronic submission. The applications will then be reviewed by the Membership Committee or Executive Board. After a membership decision has been made, payment will be processed by the Treasurer and the applicant will be notified. After a membership decision has been made, payment will be processed by the Treasurer and the applicant will be notified.

Since membership is free for dermatology and pathology residents, their applications must be accompanied by a letter from a supervisor confirming residency status, including projected date of completion of residency program.

If an applicant believes his/her request for membership was not thoroughly or accurately evaluated, the applicant may state in writing the reasons for this belief and submit necessary supporting documentation. The application will be reevaluated by the Executive Board during their next meeting. Final decision for all but honorary membership rests with the Executive Board. If a Board has not yet been elected, then the Membership Committee will have the authority to review appeals for membership and make final decisions.

Membership in this Society will be terminated by judgment of the Executive Board for the following reasons:

1) failure of any member to pay dues to the Society following two successive annual billings.

2) suspension or revocation of license to practice medicine.

3) falsification of information utilized for acceptance into or determination of level of membership in the society.

4) any other major breach of ethical standards while serving the Society.

Membership Benefits

Current electronic versions of proceedings are available at no charge to ISVD Members. Members also are eligible to purchase printed proceedings, if available, from previous meetings.

A Listserv is also available for members to discussinteresting, controversial or difficult cases on the topic of dermatology / dermatopathology, so that other members can provide comments, suggestions or more questions. Images can be posted to the Listserv and are disseminated to the rest of the members.

The registration fee for ISVD meetings is substantially lower for members, and registration fees are waived for members giving presentations at ISVD meetings.  The purchase price for printed proceedings is also reduced for members.

Membership Forms

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