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On the ESVP Krakow website there is a page for accommodation and on that page, as well as a list of hotels is an excellent interactive Google map for those who wish to see the accommodation options geographically displayed and who wish to see which hotels are recommended by the organising team. We have therefore included it below but please visit the ESVP Krakow website for full information. There are a number of hotels listed, most within 10 minutes walking distance from the venue, most for around 100€ p.p. single room per night (range €50-190).

Transport from the train station.

Most of the hotels listed are within a few km’s of the main train station.

Interactive map (click on the icons for more information)

Transport from the airport (s)

Many of the hotel websites recommend catching a taxi, but there are also airport shuttles which can be pre-booked.

Balice Airport is located 20km from the centre of Krakow. The journey by car takes about 30 minutes by car and there are airport shuttles available which can also be pre-booked via the internet.

Pyrzowice Airport is located 95km from the Krakow City. The journey by car takes about 1,5 h.

The above information was taken from this website: (Opens in a separate window). We found it useful and user friendly, we have no connection and no experience with this firm and are simply acknowledging the source of the info.